No matter what brand your equipment is, we offer a wide selection of small engine repair to ensure your equipment continues to perform like new.


Our technicians have many years experience in small engine repair and are not limited to the brands seen below; servicing and repairing most makes and models of small engine equipment.

From standard tune ups, to replacing crucial parts, we are here to help!


We are a certified Kawasaki and Kohler parts and repair center

Some Standard Services


  • Chainsaw
    • Inspect condition of engine
    • test engine compression
    • test spark, replace air filter
    • replace spark plug
    • sharpen chain
    • clean fuel system
    • inspect and clean bar rails
    • inspect exhaust system
    • test cut to ensure equipment is functioning properly
  • Sharpening-
    • On or off the saw chain sharpening.
  • Push Mower-Service-
    • Oil change, sharpen and balance blade
    • replace spark plug and air filter
    • tighten and lube drive axle?
    • check pulleys and bearings, belt, and cables
    • pressure wash
    • and test run unit to ensure equipment is functioning properly.
    • Or we can just repair problem on push mower.
  • Blower Service and Repair -
    • Hand-Held Blower Repair & Back-Pack Blower Repair
    • Inspect condition of engine
    • test engine compression
    • test spark and replace spark plug
    • replace air filter
    • clean cooling fins
    • clean fuel system and inspect exhaust system
    • tighten all fasteners
    • lube all cables
    • adjust carburetor
    • test run to ensure equipment is functioning properly
    • Or we can just fix the problem of the equipment.
  • Sharpen and balance mower blades On or off 


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Repair check list

Sometimes a small engine not starting is a result of something the owner can fix.
If your equipment is not starting, here are some things to check

  1. Check Fuel: Stale fuel, dirt, and debris are the most common cause of power equipment not starting properly.
    Check to make sure you have clean fuel in the tank.
  2. Clean Carburetor: The carburetor regulates how air and fuel move through the engine to power your equipment.
    If it is dirty, that can cause the engine to perform poorly.
  3. Check Spark Plug: Disconnected, dirty, or fouled spark plugs can also lead to an engine not starting.
    Check to see of the spark plugs are in good condition.
  4. Check Valves & Compression: Air-compression is crucial for engines powering power equipment - allowing proper air-fuel
    mixture to help the ignition system.

—or your small engine is just running poorly, we can help!